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Hands up if your child loves music! Children are naturally drawn to music, for good reasons – music engages their inclination to learning language, satisfies their need for movement, and helps them express their emotions even before they have the words to do so. Music also trains the brain’s ability to recognize patterns, hones listening skills and strengthens memory (try learning your ABCs without the ABC song!). For those learning a musical instrument, it can boost hand-eye coordination, and build up their self-discipline, resilience, and self-esteem.





Want to sign your toddler up for music lessons, but don’t know where to start? Symphony Music School offers a Junior Tots course (for 3.5 – 4 years old) for a friendly introduction to learning music. In this 9-month course, your child will learn to recognize musical notes, be exposed to a wide spectrum of music, and get to try different musical instruments.





Established in 1995, Symphony Music School offers a large variety of music courses, from Classical Piano to Ukelele, and even Hip Hop/Kpop dance, mostly for children 5 years and older.


Ms Camy Tham, School Manager and Senior Teacher at Symphony Music School, shares what draws students. “We engage teachers who are experienced, patient and have good credential in music. Our school provides many Classical and Contemporary courses which are specially tailored for all ages. Our students are learning comfortably according to their learning ability and strength, regardless of whether they are in individual or group courses.”





For those as young as 18 months old, consider signing up for the parent-accompanied Millet Kiddies course, which adopts a fun approach to learning Mandarin and music.


The curriculum aims to stimulate the development of both left and right brain, with the use of musical games, movement and singing, along with the teaching of moral values. Learning Mandarin and music at the same time, plus great opportunities for parent-child bonding? This definitely sounds like a class worth our time and money!








“I like it that Symphony Music School provides my children with a good music education that is not just focused on doing well in the music examinations. The teacher creates and organizes opportunities for the students to perform which really builds up their confidence in their own abilities.


The teacher also leads the students to perform for the elderly at a nursing home during the June and December school holidays. It teaches compassion and shows the students how their music talent can bring such joy to the residents.” Linee Yeo, parent of Sonya Yeo and Clara Yeo



“I enrolled my child into Symphony Music School as the previous school she attended was moving at a very slow rate and she was not improving.


Since enrolling her at Symphony Music School, I saw her improvement. She was also given a lot of opportunities for public performances and competitions.” Vincent Tan, parent of Tan Zi Xuan



“The piano lessons expose my son to a variety of songs and allows him to better express himself through the different forms of music he learns. The school teaches him never to give up even when faced with a very tough moment.” Xie Niu Hao, parent of Oh Wei Hong and Oh Wei Hao



Website: http://www.symphonymusic888.com/

Address: 1 Woodlands Square #05-04, Causeway Point, Singapore 738099

Phone: +65 68933373, 68942345








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