Music Courses

1. Grading

Grading in music courses are divided into 8 levels, from Grade 1 to 8. Students with no prior music background will be advised to start with Beginner level before proceeding to Grade 1.


There are 2 types of examinations, Practical and Theory examinations, which are conducted separately. Presently we conduct examinations for ABRSM, LCM and Rockschool boards whom are recognized world-wide for their certifications. However, students are not required to take part in the examinations if they are only learning music for leisure purposes. They will still be able to upgrade to the next grade if they reach the proficiency level to that grade.

3.Lesson schedules

There are 45 lessons per year. No lessons are conducted on public holiday, term holidays and fifth week holidays. A detailed list of these days is highlighted on our Symphony Music School Calendar. Lesson(s) missed for any reason, except for medical reasons, through the student’s non-attendance will be forfeited. However, should a lesson be cancelled by the teacher at anytime, a replacement shall be accommodated.


Piano Care

1.Try to avoid placing the piano where it may be exposed to rapid changes in temperature and humidity, etc windows, direct heat, bathroom.

2.A piano functions best under fairly consistent conditions, which are neither too wet nor too dry, optimally at temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 42 percent relative humidity.

3.Place your piano at least 4 to 6 inches from the wall.

4.Do not place any heavy objects on top of the piano.

5.Do not clean your piano with wet cloth.

6.The piano heater must be turned on at all times.

7.The piano should be tuned at least 2 or 3 times yearly.

8.Sticky keys is a very common phenomenon whereby the keys do not return to its original position when released. The main cause is high humidity which may cause moisture in the wooden parts and it will cause sticky keys.


Piano Tuning

1.Pianos should be tuned every 6 months or twice a year. New pianos need to be tuned 3-4 times during the first year.

2.The piano tune becomes too flat and multiple tunings or pitch raises have to be done to bring the tune back to stability. Extra work and cost will have to be incurred. Undue stress is also brought upon the piano, shortening its’s lifespan.

3.Singapore experiences higher humidity in general. Over a long period of time, this causes sluggish piano action, as well as sticky piano keys. By installing a piano heater, this helps to control your piano’s humidity.

Pianos can last at least 50 years if tuned regularly, taken care of reasonably, and repaired as needed.

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