Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience playing the flute, this course is designed to provide you with comprehensive instruction in flute playing techniques and repertoire.

Students delve into the foundational aspects of flute playing, focusing on proper posture, breathing techniques, and embouchure formation to produce clear and resonant tones. They explore fundamental music theory concepts such as note reading, scales, and rhythm, enhancing their understanding of musical notation and fluency in playing. Through engaging exercises and repertoire exploration, students develop their expressive abilities, learning to shape phrases with dynamics and articulation

By embarking on this flute course, you’re taking the first step towards becoming a skilled and expressive flutist. Through dedicated practice, exploration of repertoire, and engagement with musical concepts, you’ll unlock the full potential of the flute and discover the joy of making music.


  • One-to-one guidance
  • At least 7 years old
  • 30 minutes per lesson


  • Wednesday – Friday
    • From 4:30pm
  • Saturday
    • From 2:30pm
  • Sunday
    • 6:15pm – 6:45pm