Drumming is a dynamic and exciting way to express yourself musically. Whether you’re aiming to join a band, play for fun, or advance your musical skills, this course aims to equip you with the fundamental skills needed to become a proficient drummer.

You’ll learn about the drum kit’s components, proper posture, and gripping techniques, as well as essential rhythms and patterns. We’ll focus on building your coordination and timing, starting with basic exercises and progressing to more complex beats.

You’ll also explore various drumming styles, including rock, jazz, funk, and Latin rhythms. Through consistent practice and the use of tools like a metronome, you’ll develop the precision and fluidity required to play confidently and expressively.


  • One-to-one guidance
  • At least 7 years old
  • 30 minutes per lesson


  • Wednesday – Friday
    • From 4:45pm
  • Saturday & Sunday
    • From 2:30pm