Our Starlet : Krystal Wu Chu Yu


Our Starlet : In Our Starlet, our students are featured for their hard work and achievement.

We would like to congratulate Krystal Wu Chu Yu for achieving Distinction(141/150) in her Piano Grade 8 Examination.

Krystal started learning piano at the age 5. She felt that playing the piano was fun and cool, so her parents encouraged her to take up piano lessons. Her parents also show support in attending the concerts and performances that she participates in.

One of her favourite composers is Edvard Grieg. She likes how he inputs ‘mysterious & spooky vibe’ in his music, like In the Hall of the Mountain King, March of the Dwarfs.

Besides Classical Music, Krystal also likes EDM and Kpop. She believes that Music is a gift and privilege to her, and it also serves as a synonym of her mood.

In future, she wishes to continue in diplomas such as performing and teaching, and share her music through platforms like Youtube.

“Symphony Music School is a place where I can learn with enjoyment. Ms Camy Tham teaches well and I learn a lot from her.”

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